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Oscars Mayfair

Oscars is a new restaurant and dance club in the heart of Mayfair. Located on Jermyn Street, it’s one of the most exciting new venues to hit central London.

@londonbeautifullife had the chance to pop down to the beautiful new club located in Mayfair and we weren't disappointed.

As you walk up to the venue it is very subtle entrance, not knowing that just beyond the doors and down a flight of stairs is an exquisite cuisine of Sushi and beautiful well thought out cocktails.

The staff are so lovely and so helpful that it really brings an uplifting feeling to the entire atmosphere.

The venue itself is huge. When you first walk down the first set of stairs you are greeted to the restaurant side of Oscars. The lighting is more lit up, it is extremely spacious especially to move around if needing to talk to people or go to visit the lavatory. The lighting is a nice calming mood feel so you can see easily but slowly getting you ready for the party vibe that is ahead of time.

Taking one more flight of stairs to the bottom of the two story luxury club, is the night club, where the DJ plays the hottest tunes in town and the drinks and dancing is non-stop. The crowd, is fresh and thriving for an Oscars encore and that is exactly what they give us.

Oscars exclusive space covers two floors and features some of the biggest DJs from around the world. Dine with us from 8 pm onwards, or head down for one of our iconic afterparties!

Oscars Mayfair

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