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@londonbeautifullife Interview - Celebrity Choreographer Brendon Hansford on DNACERS

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

@londonbeautifullife interviewed celebrity choreographer Brendon Hansford about his new online platform DNACERS, about his dance background and the huge names he has worked with.

@londonbeautifullife - "Congratulations on DNACERS. Tell us a bit more about it?" Brendon Hansford - "DNACERS is an online platform allowing anyone to dance anywhere and anytime, with their chosen choreographer. DNACERS has revolutionised the way online dance platforms operate and will offer interactive live classes and on-demand classes all in one place with top choreographers from around the world. We are basilisks all the Netflix of Dance with a few added bonuses. Using the same business structure Netflix we have a subscription based service went for a very small amount each month anyone can get unlimited on demand videos and learn from the best characters in the world. Also as a bonus anyone reading this article can get 25% off the description for life with the code BH25". 

@londonbeautifullife - "When did you first start dancing and what made you so passionate about being a dancer?"

Brendon Hansford - "I first started dancing when I was 18 which I know is quite late for a dancer but I got hooked on it so fast that I just couldn't stop. It's really hard to explain where the passion comes from but it's the feeling you get when you dance that just makes you want more and more". 

@londonbeautifullife - "How did the DNACERS online service come about?" Brendon Hansford - "Well the idea of DNACERS actually appeared before lockdown and this pandemic just sped up what was already been planned. There was definitely a gap in the market for something of this level and we believe that we are the company to fill it. We have so much more to come". 

@londonbeautifullife - "You have worked with the likes of Sam Smith, Rod Stewart, Normani, and Rick Astley. Who has been your favourite star to work with and why?"

Sam Smith (@samsmith) and Brendon Hansford (@brendon_hansford / @dnacers_official)

Normani (@normani) and Brendon Hansford (@brendon_hansford / @dnacers_official)

Brendon Hansford - "I know this sounds like a complete cop-out but I couldn't pick a favourite as I genuinely loved working with all of them and felt very privileged to be in that position. However there is a great story that of me standing outside of being on a shoot with Sam Smith and drinking a cup of tea with him in plastic cups… I remember after this thinking when do things like this ever happen?" @londonbeautifullife - "Where in London do you love to train?" Brendon Hansford - "I love to train at Base Dance Studios  in Vauxhall where I also teach my classes every Saturday. They have a wide range of absolutely incredible teachers and choreographers and you can pretty much find anything you want in one place".  @londonbeautifullife - "Which London venue would you love to perform at?" Brendon Hansford - "Well my performance career slowed right down when I became a choreographer full time. One of the theatres I would love to perform at is the Palladium as it is an incredible theatre… I did however get to choreograph a piece for the royal variety performance in 2018 at the Palladium, so that was definitely a goal of mine".

@londonbeautifullife - "What are your favourite hot spots in London?" Brendon Hansford - "I definitely bounce around London A LOT however if you really want to find me look out for the nicest coffee shop and I'll probably be there with my laptop". @londonbeautifullife - "What would be your favourite iconic London landmark?" Brendon Hansford - "You will always find me hanging around Covent Garden as I love that part of the West End, it always feels like home". @londonbeautifullife - "Where can we download DNACERS?" Brendon Hansford - "Just head over to and sign up for the 7 day free trial ad enter the code BH25 for that lifetime discount".

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