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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

@londonbeautifullife over the weekend went to see Footloose at the Princes Hall in Aldershot, Hampshire and here is our non-spoiler review.

I have never seen the film Footloose but knew of it's iconic status from the 80s, so I was extremely excited to see this play done by the Cody Musical Theatre Company (registered charity) directed by Sue Canfield.

First arriving to the Princes Hall I was greeted by the lovely staff of the theatre and the Theatre Company, that by this point I was now extremely excited to see their version of Footloose about a town in America banning dancing due to a tragic incident that happened in their town.

As I took my seat I was thoroughly surprised how big the theatre was and was excited to see a live orchestra there. This being my first play I have seen with a live orchestra.

The Princes Hall.

The play kicks off with the iconic song that is huge in Footloose, with a big number from the main cast and ensemble. Our main characters Ren McCormack (played by Dale Barrell) and Ariel Moore (played by Rebecca Rogers) held the story with such pride and confidence which kept the show extremely entertaining.

Stand out performances was Ron Walker who played Reverend Shaw, Rusty played by Siân Boorman, Urleen played by Laura Gurney, Wendy Jo played by Kelly Brewer, Vi Moore played by Tracyann Johnson and my personal favourite Willard Hewitt played by Rob Tickner.

What I loved about this theatre show of Footloose was the sense of community with the cast and production. The energy from everyone from the stage was positive and exciting. The acting and singing was outstanding, considering the show is roughly just over two hours. You wanted your main love interest of Ren (Dale Barrell) and Ariel (Rebecca Rogers) to fall in love. You would get frustrated when your villain Chuck Cranston (Paul Gibson) would be aggressive to our main cast. You would be sad when Ren and Reverend Shaw Moore (Ron Walker) would have a heart to heart. You would be inspired when Ren's mother Ethel McCormack (Lynn Clegg) would inspire her son to be brave with his passion.

Another great attribute about the show was the cast were inspirational to watch and it gave that sense that maybe I could be on a stage and show my talents one day.

What I also loved about Footloose by Cody Musical Theatre Company was the ensemble were also incredible. At times I didn't know who or where to watch as everyone put there all into it. From the choir harmonising, to the incredible dancers doing flips and the splits.

The staging of this production was show stopping from the props, to outfits, to lighting, to the orchestra.

Stand out performances was the scene in the burger bar from all the women singing "Holding Out For a Hero".

There was a scene with the main cast Ren and Willard and three men from the ensemble which also stood out. There were a total of 5 minor props on stage and they filled that stage with a exhilarating performance which filled the stage.

Overall Footloose was colourful, bright, energetic and exciting from start to finish. The talent from everyone was overwhelming and I want to see this version, with the same cast AGAIN!

If I could give it a 5 out of 5 I wouldn't as it should be a 10 out of 5. I left the theatre smiling and wanting to purchase a copy of the film to relive what I just saw.

The Princes Hall is based in Aldershot, Hampshire, which has many productions over the year. Cody Musical Theatre Company perform every six months at the theatre. Their next performance is next year in 24th - 28th March 2020 for their version of Shrek The Musical. If it is anything like Footloose, you do not want to miss it.


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