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Since 1986 the Dreamboys (ran by women) have been established. In 2019 they went under a makeover and did the first ever live auditions in which @londonbeautifullife got an invite to attend the auditions and show.

With a judging panel including legendary Katie Price and Love Island's Michael Griffiths this was a show not to miss. It was also introducing the Dreamboys 2020 calendar.

The Dreamboys promotional poster for their upcoming 2020 tour featuring Shane Finlayson (@shanetyler_finlayson), Love Island's and soon to be MTV's Celeb Ex On The Beach Michael Griffiths (@mac_griffiths_) and Lotan Carter (@lotanlaidbare).

Shane Finlayson (@shanetyler_finlayson) getting interviewed by Channel 5.

What makes the Dreamboys so unique is that it is the ONLY all-female ran male exotic dance group in the UK.

@londonbeautifullife got to visit the East London Venue For Your Eyes Only. Where the place was decked out for their first ever live auditions which gave us a sneak peek inside their iconic London Club. And for these hopefuls auditioning it was chance to scream for our favourite and have our say on who should join the iconic male group.

Take a peak of @londonbeautifullife afternoon at For Your Eyes Only.

Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) doing press shots for the paparazzi.

Celebrity Judges Michael Griffiths (@mac_griffiths_) and Katie Price (@officialkatieprice).

Singer Rachel Rose (@rachelrosemusic) made an appearance.

Actress Jess Impiazzi (@jess_impiazzi) posed with the Dreamboys 2020 Calendar and their celebration cake.

Dreamboys 2020 Calendar.

Dreamboys @londonbeautifullife team Chloe Fisher (@chloemayfisher), Jenny Mather (@mavz1) and Kiran Selvakumaran (@kiranselvak).

For Your Eyes Only Venue.

Dreamboy Andrew England (@andrewengland88) and an overexcited Miah Carey (@miah92x).

Chloe Fisher (@chloemayfisher) and Jenny Mather (@mavz1).

Andrew England (@andrewengland88) and Katie Price (@officialkatieprice).

Channel 5 filming Michael Griffiths (@mac_griffiths_) meeting fans.

The cast of the Dreamboys (@dreamboys) and Katie Price (@officialkatieprice).

We had a great time at the Dreamboys audition and show. In 2020 the Dreamboys will be doing a UK tour. Check out more information below.


Dreamboys Website -

Dreamboys Instagram - @dreamboys

Dreamboys Twitter - @thedreamboys

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Bari Bacco
Bari Bacco
Mar 11

This article is wrong. I am Bari Bacco the true creator of DREAMBOYS in 1987. I was the 'First' to create a Male Strip Show in the UK. See my book with photos 'THE POWER BEHIND THE POUCH' Available AMAZON.

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