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DIVINE - Out May 21st 2021


Introducing Divine, the debut novel from M.J. Woodman which explores an alternate, modern-day world of tragic death, competition, and romance.

Divine challenges societies expectations of ‘powerless’ young adults in the event of

corruption in a totalitarian state. Delving into the lives of the oppressed population of

Appia, Divine is undoubtedly thought provoking and heart wrenching - the perfect read for

fans of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series, the Hunger Games, and The Man in the High


Set in an alternative reality, where the Roman Empire never fell, and the world was never

the same, Divine takes place in present-day Appia - real-world North America which has

been fractured by a mythical war and consequently divided into five Imperial fortress states.

These states, shielded by an invisible forcefield and known as Havens, are designed to

protect inhabitants from the world beyond.

Female protagonist Electa Steel lives an ordinary life in a Haven, until her seventeenth

birthday where the annual Choosing threatens to tear her world apart. Strange

circumstances lead her to be Chosen, to live in her society for the remainder of her life.

However, this year, she is one of five girls that will compete to become the next Empress of

Latia, her homeland. A mysterious terror organisation, Spartaca, from outside her Haven,

recruits her to bring down the Empire from the inside. Spartaca uses Electa as a pawn, and

in the process, she must learn to adapt to the politics and power her new life brings. To win

the competition, she must first seduce the Prince, and future Emperor, Asher Ovicula. Then

she must defeat the other competitors in a series of brutal gladiatorial games. But, why did

Spartaca choose her? The truth will change Electa’s world forever.

The debut novel from M.J. Woodman, a student of Ancient History and Archaeology,

Classics enthusiast and self-proclaimed book-nerd has been in the making since M.J was just

13. Revisiting the untouched manuscript several years later and re-writing the novel with a clear, and mature voice, Divine embodies M.J.’s passion for creative writing and her love of

Ancient History.

“As cliché as it may sound, being an author was always a dream of mine. From beginning

Divine at the young age of 13 and putting the final touches on it years later, this novel

embodies my passion for creative writing and Ancient History, exploring an alternate,

modern-day world through a powerful young woman, forced into a journey of self-


M.J. grew up on isolated Dartmoor, in England, surrounded by nature, and as an only child,

there was not much to do but read. Books soon became her best friend, so it was only

natural that she should develop a passion for creative writing at school.

Inspired by a creative writing course at the University of Toronto, and by her studies of the

Ancient World, her writing has culminated in Divine, an alternative-history, YA novel set in a

rich and detailed world where the Roman Empire never fell. She spends her time reading,

studying, writing, and developing new projects inspired by the enigmatic and mythical world

of history.

M.J. hopes one day to use her platform as an author to engage young people through

history, which she believes, is crucial to building a better, brighter future.

Divine is set to be released on 21 st May on Amazon.

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imagery please email

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