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A @londonbeautifullife Interview - Tinder's Most Swiped and WhatsUrBeef Owner Stefan-Pierre Tomlin

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

@londonbeautifullife is back and ready to go after Lockdown 2.0 and we got the chance to chat to Stefan-Pierre Tomlin (@itsstefan), who is best known for being Tinder's Most Swiped man and his appearances on shows like Celebs Go Dating, First Dates and being a successful supermodel. Now Stefan-Pierre has joined forces with James Morgan (@jmorgs82) to create a brand new steak company called What's Ur Beef (@whatsurbeefuk). The launch of What’s UR Beef will transform the way you shop for steak, offering expertly cut, securely sealed, premium grade steak delivered directly to your door at a chosen time slot within 24 hours. Ensuring a minimum of 28 day aged A Graded British beef, What’s UR Beef offers a wide variety of top quality cuts in a range of sizes to suit any appetite.

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - @itsstefan

@londonbeautifullife - "Hi Stefan how are you and how have you coped with lockdown?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "I am good just been really busy, regarding lockdown, to be honest with you I didn't see anyone. My parents live in Kent and I didn't want to be around them as they are older than myself. I sort of got a lockdown body and got a new flat. I have been focusing on new businesses, staying fit and my life stuff I never had time to do before".

@londonbeautifullife - "Tell me about What's Ur Beef?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "I have always had a passion for beef and lovely restaurants, one of my favourites is the Gaucho. During lockdown I thought about how much I spend on take aways and thought what I like to eat and my brain put together who I knew and I realised one of my best friends who is a friend is the food chain industry was James Morgan who owns one of the UK's largest butchers, so was a bit of a no brainer to collaborate with him, and there we go WhatsUrBeef was about. Locally farmed, grass fed beef delivered to your door within 24 hours. No brainer".

What's Ur Beef - @whatsurbeefuk

@londonbeautifullife - "Has it been difficult to start a company during the difficult year of 2020?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "To be honest with you, I didn't find it hard at all, if anything it was easy to start it in 2020 just because everyone is at home, more time on your hands so I was able to write everything down, able to communicate with my business partner easier, I was getting websites designs back quicker than normal. I found it really easy to be honest. I was quite surprised".

@londonbeautifullife - "What do you love about meat, beef, steak why do you love it so much?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "Steak is not something you have everyday, the best things in life are not the things you do everyday, so I wanted a premium brand, like Gaucho, you don't go to a Gaucho restaurant everyday. So I wanted that clientele, demographic and better quality of life during lockdown and after".

What's Ur Beef - @whatsurbeefuk

@londonbeautifullife - "With you being a TV personality and a model, does eating the meat help you keep in shape or would you say it is a guilty pleasure?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "It is not a guilty a pleasure, I must say I am a meat lover, I am a carnivore. I do try my best to eat less meat as it is better for your digestive system. But I am a meat lover".

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - @itsstefan

@londonbeautifullife - "Talking about modelling, I know you are in the public eye, tell me what are the pros and cons of being in the public eye?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "Being in the public eye, in terms of getting things sent over, clothes as I am a model and its good, you always feel like you have a friend which is nice, your never really that lonely. You get some really good opportunities to see things before anyone else does, but it is very important to send the right message. I have to think twice now before I post on social media. One of the cons as well. Social media does cause mental health to people. I do try and show both the good and challenging side to my life".

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - @itsstefan

@londonbeautifullife - `"What has been your favourite media related job or campaign you have done?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "Campaign wise I enjoyed doing Hennessy worldwide, which was filmed in Prague for five days, biggest paid job I have ever had. I worked ten years for that with my agency. I got the opportunity to spend five days with Ridley Scott who directed it. That is my biggest achievement".

@londonbeautifullife - "What was it like doing Celebs Go Dating?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "I loved the filming parts of Celebs Go Dating, I loved how it was panned out, but it was slightly awkward in the mixer, there are no music. Normally I would of had alcohol and it would of helped with more alcohol to plast myself in front of more people but I found it difficult to talk to who I wanted too, because it was very controlled. Normally I would find myself bouncing around the room. I didn't bag the date I wanted!"

@londonbeautifullife - "Talking about dating, what is it to be Tinder's Most Swiped man, how did that come about?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "Well I got an email from Tinder and did a Skype with them. I remember when it got announced my phone went mad and I had saw that the news had gone viral. From there I went on This Morning and went on the Victoria Derbyshire show. Just went everywhere, I think for the This Morning interview I was hungover, when I look back it, I do think I went out the night before [Laughs]".

@londonbeautifullife - "Did you get any horror dating stories from the experience and exposure you got from being Tinder's most swiped man?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "You know what I have a procedure. Like a checklist before I go meet someone to see if it is safe. Safety first, I think it is very important to do a video call or some sort of video correspondence before you meet someone. I always work out them before I meet them. I don't cold meet anyone. I never have!"

@londonbeautifullife - "What is your favourite place in London?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "That is a hard one actually. If it is a bar I love sketch bar. But if you want to do something outside Thames Rocket. Best place to do for an outdoor date! Go Boat I like. You go down a canal but you can sail it yourself past Camden and places like that. Those two are my favourite outdoor places".

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - @itsstefan

@londonbeautifullife -"What is your favourite London landmark?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "It would be The Shard, it is tall looks fierce but I also love Tower Bridge. It is magical to me. Every time I am near, on top, below Tower Bridge, I get that Disney feeling. I would probably say Tower Bridge".

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - @itsstefan

@londonbeautifullife - "What is in store for the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "I should hopefully be travelling a lot next year for modelling, I also have TV bits lined up, some I have filmed and some I am waiting to film. So watch this space!"

@londonbeautifullife - "Where can we find more information on What's Ur Beef?"

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - "The website is and we are also on instagram @whatsurbeefuk!"

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Stefan-Pierre Tomlin - @itsstefan

What's Ur Beef Instagram - @whatsurbeefuk

What's Ur Beef Website -

JV Publicity - @jv_publicity

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