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@londonbeautifullife Interview - Actress Anna Danshina on New Film BREAK

@londonbeautifullife went to the premiere of the film BREAK. Here is the highlight video below from our official YouTube channel.

We got to interview one of the stars from the film Anna Danshina. Check out the interview below.

Anna Danshina - @anna.danshina

@londonbeautifullife - "Please sum up the film BREAK in one sentence?"

Anna Danshina - "The hardest thing in the world is to change yourself, but you can do it".

@londonbeautifullife - "What was it like working on BREAK?"

Anna Danshina - "Break is a criminal drama with a lot of interesting twists in the plot and strong characters. Many of the scenes were created with high stakes for the characters involved including for my character Alena, so working on the film felt like being on the edge. But this ‘life on the edge’ in front of camera lenses was well balanced with a warm atmosphere that existed between the shots and I enjoyed it a lot. During the filming process I met some members of cast and crew with whom I worked before on other projects such as the well-known actor Adam Deacon, costume designer Giulia Scrimieri, producer Dean Fisher and make up designer Rebecca Hall. I was very glad to see them again. Of course working with the legendary Rutger Hauer created some unparalleled and unique experiences which I will never forget".

@londonbeautifullife - "Knowing this is Rutger Hauer’s final film, what was it like to be a part of his legacy?"

Anna Danshina - "The first I saw Rutger Hauer on screen was in the film Blade Runner when I was very young, but his artistic charisma left a prominent trace in my memory. Being a child, I would never have imagined that I would see him one day in person, especially that I would have a chance to work with him on set, so it felt almost magical to work with him and be part of his legacy. While being with him on set, I thought that he is one of the few actors who can truly transform on screen, entering that imaginary world defined by the story. I had a feeling that he enjoyed playing his character Ray. He was also very friendly. I could never imagine that he would leave us so early, I was really hoping to see him at the premiere".

Anna Danshina - @anna.danshina

@londonbeautifullife - "How was the premiere for you and how did you celebrate the life of Rutger Hauer at the premiere?"

Anna Danshina - "The premiere was really amazing. It was an unforgettable event! It was the first Drive In premiere in the UK, and therefore it was a unique experience for everyone. But we were lucky to have amazing weather, and with so many movie fans who came to the event, it felt very special and festive. I think this unique festive atmosphere also came about because during the lockdown people were isolating themselves from each other, and now having a social event when we can come and celebrate altogether the premiere of a new great film felt so joyful. Sadly, Rutger Hauer was no longer with us, I am sure he would have enjoyed watching the film with us. When his name appeared in the credit titles, all of the attendees celebrated his contribution to the film with a long horn blasts and clapping. I am sure he will stay forever in our hearts".

Anna at the premiere of BREAK

@londonbeautifullife - "What was it like to work with Michael Elkin?"

Anna Danshina - "I was looking forward to work with Michael Elkin because I knew that he was not only the director of the film, it was his original idea and his script. During the filming process I felt that he was very passionate about the film and that he had a strong vision of the scenes he was shooting, and I was pleased to follow his directions. Also, directors who used to be actors are very sympathetic, because I think that experience of acting themselves makes them more compassionate in dealing with actors. I hope I will work with Michael in future on his other projects".

@londonbeautifullife - "Sum up in one sentence your character in the film?"

Anna Danshina - "Tough spirited young woman who is seeking justice for her brother who was killed in a gang fight".

@londonbeautifullife - "Are you and your character similar?"

Anna Danshina - "I think we are to some extent, I think we both know what we want and especially what we don’t want. We can both stand up for ourselves but be compassionate at the same time. And we are both proud to be a woman".

@londonbeautifullife - "You as Anna Danshina, which character would your personality be friends with from the film?"

Anna Danshina - "I think I would be very pleased to be friends with Rutger Hauer’s character Ray. My character Alena is his protege in the film. I would always value advice from such an experienced mentor in real life, a person who knows that life is not always a gift but at the same time believes in better, who can take a personal risk to help someone else, and whom you can trust as yourself".

@londonbeautifullife - "Best memory from the film?"

Anna Danshina - "When I first saw Rutger Hauer on set, he filled the room with his magical charisma and made every moment memorable".

@londonbeautifullife - "Where can we watch BREAK?"

Anna Danshina - "We are all invited to watch break in Drive In cinemas across the UK, you can find dates and locations on the website Also now it is available on Amazon UK!"

@londonbeautifullife - "As we are London Beautiful Life, what is your favourite location in London and why?"

Anna Danshina - "I love Soho, because it is the creative heart of London with a vibrant professional and social life. I enjoy my time in Soho going to a casting in Spotlight or having a masterclass at the Actors Centre, or spending time with friends at the Groucho Club".

BREAK is out on DVD on 31st August and available in Asda, Morrison, HMV & Amazon and digital download via iTunes, Sky Box Office and Virgin. For more information, please go to Follow @BrEAK_Film on Twitter and/or @breakukfilm on Instagram & Facebook for more news.

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