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London Beautiful LOCKDOWN: Part 4

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Welcome back to the final part of our 4-Part mini series about Lockdown in London, and this week it is all about women empowerment as @londonbeautifullife asks 7 incredible women how they have coped during lockdown as we go into the 12th consecutive week into lockdown.

Here is their story.

Collab shoot with @londonbeautifullife and two amazing women Meli Çinpolat @meli_cinpix (Photographer) and Joanna May Parker @joannamayparker2.0 (Model) on Regent Street.

Lea - @curl_lea_travel


"My 9-5 job is in customer services and my passion is travelling, so I have a Travel blog, where I share my experiences travelling, solo travel and having curly hair. (

In the beginning of COVID-19, I found it very difficult and struggled with anxiety, I also live with someone vulnerable so that was hard also; I have since adjusted to the new norm and have time to focus and work on my creativity which has helped me significantly".


"My social life has become very virtual, thank God for technology. I have weekly zoom calls, video chats and group chats with friends and family. Social media is amazing and have since expanded my social life virtually on there too! Although I do miss the interaction and going out.

Since lockdown I have created a YouTube channel and learnt how to edit and put a video together; created monthly newsletters and also had time working on an existing skill sewing headbands and donating the proceeds to charity (Teens Unite) something I never had time to do before".


" When lockdown is over, I can't wait to TRAVEL the world again to inspire people (safely of course) and do a mixology class because I love making cocktails".

Lea's Instagram - @curl_lea_travel

Gemma Reading - @gemmareading1


"Being a large firm of nearly 1000 people, the firm were conscious to follow government advice swiftly and I went from being in a team where it was frowned upon to work from home, to working from home every day.

In general my manager's view has always been that you can only be "working" if you are physically in the office showing your face, a view from the dark ages in my opinion. All that solicitors need to conduct their job (for example to produce research, letters and documents) are their laptop and their brain. Full resources such as books, statutes and case law can all be accessed from wherever you are in the world, as these are electronic resources. The only main difference from working from home were that team meetings took place via 'zoom'. Save for that, business was operating as usual, just from home.

From a junior lawyer's perspective, working from home enables more productivity and the opportunity to create better quality work without being disturbed".


"The younger generation are supportive of the idea of 'paperless' and 'e-filing', a topic which makes the older generation's skin crawl.

Though the impact of the virus is highly shocking, distressing and upsetting, it may be a blessing in disguise for many businesses struggling to come to terms with the electronic way of working and it will change some businesses' futures for the better. The teething issues will eventually fall away and the virus will prove to many leaders and managers who have formerly not seen the potential in flexible and agile working, that it is a perfectly adequate, cost effective and workable solution and should be taken advantage of, both for the wellbeing of employees and the benefit of the business.

Gemma Reading's Instagram - @gemmareading1

Vanessa Martins - @nesstv_international


"My profession is working in TV as Assistant Producer. Being a freelancer, unfortunately my new contract was put on pause, which means essentially my career has been put on pause and now I’m waiting patiently for it to pick up again. It’s like all the things that seemed to be important to us like, going to work, gym, and everything we did everyday so easily without a thought has been put on pause. It has just made me see what is actually more important like spending actual time with family (that I have been quarantined with), remembering that they are more important than what my everyday routine was.

I like home still time, so at the beginning I just took this as a break, but I have missed being able to just be with friends for drinks or dinner. But it’s great to have such tools like, ‘Zoom, FaceTime' etc that will always keep you connected socially. I cannot even tell you how many zoom parties I have had to attend from my bedroom for people’s birthdays or even to just catch up with friends across the pond".


"I wouldn’t say I have learnt a new skill, but more that I have become more determined to develop the skills I already have, some I can do while in lockdown and some I cannot until lockdown is fully lifted. I also don’t think we need to put that pressure on ourselves about having new skills just because we have this extra time on our hands, as this situation/ pandemic is very new for us all and can be pressure enough so for some of us just surviving each day and staying positive is enough to worry about then having a new skill or even a business plan.

"When lockdown is over I am excited to travel again, I had to cancel my birthday trip abroad due to lockdown which was frustrating, but I would rather be home safe and healthy then putting pictures up on the gram. I’m also excited to just be able to be in the same space with the people I’ve missed, laughing, and going for dinners, brunches, drinks and church".


"The amazing thing about being a Christian is that my faith doesn’t just reside between the walls of my church. It has been sad to not be able to fellowship within the church itself, but it has been great to sharpen the resources we have already been using to continue having Sunday services (which we do via YouTube). Also our day to day lives often tend to be so busy, but now I have no excuses about the time I can make for quiet time with God whether it’s praying, listening to gospel music or reading my bible with an online sermon. I also feel like I’m using my gift of encouragement to encourage others during this time. But with all that said I do still miss putting on my Sunday best".

Vanessa Martins - @nesstv_international

Anna Evans - @anna.jane.ff


"I am a keyworker just outside of London, on the outskirts in Surrey. I am working from home, Monday to Friday completely. That obviously has a lot of affect, from working in an office with 10 other people where you can bounce ideas off each other and to have a general chat or support each other to being at home, where I live on my own and am completely on my own.

When lockdown first started not seeing my other half was difficult but luckily our relationship is strong. My social life has been non existent. I do like spending my money on going out seeing friends, going to the theatre and London's West End, everything has been cancelled this year but that was my way of living life and being happy".


"I do suffer from mental health, it isn't major but I suffer from depression and anxiety. I am a lot better than I use to be, but I am actively making sure I have things to focus on, so I don't feel I am trapped in my living room.

I haven't learnt new skills but I am actively making sure I go on a walk once a day and doing work out videos at home. Fitness is something I have been trying to get into for a while now and with lockdown it is the best time to get into my fitness".


"I am very excited to go back to normality, even the small things like a hug. It would be nice to see friends again, go for dinner and going to the supermarket without queuing outside or worrying about social distancing, it is not all negative. I am watching a lot of Netflix's and Disney+ and reading a lot, making the most of it and not have a negative spin on it. That is lockdown for me in a nutshell".

Anna Evan's Instagram - @anna.jane.ff

Chloe Rebbeck and Teddy - @chloflos and @teddybear_bichon

@chloflos and @teddybear_bichon

"My profession is a TV Freelancer and COVID-19 has massively affected me. I am now coming up to 4 months without work and unfortunately haven't been able to be furloughed. I don't know when my work will begin again or even go back to work. But for my beautiful Bichon dog, Teddy, it hasn't really affected Teddy Bear, it's actually made his life a lot more easier. He has had his mummy with him all day everyday, it has made him a lot more needier and a lot more cuddlier.

In some ways it has made my social life a lot better. I have been speaking to people a lot more regular than I would if I had work. I have been doing a lot more frequent weekly quizzes and face times, but before when working we would be sending text messages and meeting up once every 2 months. So in some aspects it has become more frequent as we have had more time on our hands and not had any excuses not to be able too speak to each other".

@chloflos and @teddybear_bichon

""Downfalls would be not being able to see my best friend who lives in Wales. I haven't seen her all year. Teddy Bear though is loving lockdown. He goes out for longer walks and meeting new doggies. I haven't really discovered new skills. I have been doing a couple of paintings and puzzles to keep me occupied. I guess I haven't done lockdown the right way unlike anyone else. As soon as lockdown is over I am excited to meet up with my friends and hug them. I am excited to get back into central London and go back to G-A-Y and watch musicals in the West End. Best thing about lockdown is spending time with Teddy Bear and he has loved it as well".

@chloflos and @teddybear_bichon

Chloe Rebbeck's Instagram - @chloflos

Teddy's Instagram - @teddybear_bichon

Becky Pressman - @beckypressman


"I work in the city, where I am front of house for a service office company.

COVID-19 has affected me because I am very organised, I like things done at a certain time. I like going to work I like socialising, I like going to the gym, I like everything in a nice order. It has thrown me off I can’t have my usual routine.

But it has also helped me relax a lot more. I don’t give myself a lot of time to relax or chill. I have learnt how to exercise indoors. I have been doing my sewing more, making clothes, spending time with family, making dinners together, which has been lovely. I am also more grateful for what I have now".


Becky Pressman's Instagram - @beckypressman

Abbie Currie - @abbiecharlotte


"I am Abbie and I am an office assistant for a US law firm based in the UK. I have been working from home due to COVID-19. I also go to university part time which COVID-19 also affected that so lectures went online.

In terms of a social life especially in London at the beginning it was non-existent. Regarding a new skill I have learnt during lockdown, it hasn’t been much, I have taken it easy doing work and uni work. Watching a lot of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I am extremely excited to see friends and family after lockdown and going to a Nando’s restaurant, even being in my office at work. I miss the freedom of doing what I would like when I like".


Abbie Currie's Instagram - @abbiecharlotte

That concludes London Beautiful LOCKDOWN. Stay Safe and Stay Alert.

For more information on Coronavirus - click here. Website link to the NHS Website.

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