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London Beautiful LOCKDOWN: Part 3

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Another week in lockdown and life as we know it, is becoming more and more normal - 'The New Normal'. As the weeks go by, things start getting easier. We as humans have adjusted to lockdown, despite life adding itself into lockdown. But this week for Part 3 of our 4-part mini series we have four brand new faces telling their story and version of their lockdown.

Here is what they have got to say.

Empty London Eye featuring Rachel Roberts - @rachelrobertsxx

Rachel Roberts - @rachelrobertsxx


"I am a building manager, my job revolves around my clients in the building and assisting them to make their working day easier, from meeting rooms, events or even the perfect place to get a coffee it’s an all round thing.

My social life though is an absolute disaster for me, as I'm out for a drink a good solid 5 out of 7 days of the week. I socialise with my clients In the building or my friends all around Liverpool Street. Not being able to go hang out at Dirty Martini or lunching at Sushi Samba has really got me thinking outside the box and doing a bottomless Sunday brunch in the flat with my flat mates! Can’t forget the magpie where I basically live! Can not wait for it to re-open!"


"When it comes to skills I used to be really creative with scrap booking however since living and working in London (Liverpool Street work and living in Clapham) I have had zero time for this mainly because I’m out so much or doing events then the weekends is my down time, so since being in lockdown I have started this all up again and even got my cross stitch out and going for runs which I will keep all these things up once this is over".


"When lockdown is over I am looking forward to going back to work and getting into my usual routine but I’m glad we have this time to restart, but I can’t wait to see my family and friends, I’ve started making a list of things I want to do around London after lockdown- THERE'S SO MANY!"

Rachel Roberts Instagram - @rachelrobertsxx

Adam Sullivan - @sullivansound


"I am a musician, music producer and sound engineer. My work was the first industry to be affected and go when coronavirus hit. All the events I was working on started to go through the floor and then next with any clients or artists I work with got taken out as well due to COVID-19.

I have turned too writing my own music with my band New Arcades (@newarcades), we have recently had a new song released called "Yours" featuring Sarah Bird which is now available to download and stream".

"Yours" is now available to download and stream.

"I am also working on other projects as well, I am also focusing on guitar and just improving my instruments.

I am looking forward to getting out having beers, seeing friends as I am a massive extrovert and it is not easy especially after having an operation on my ankle where I spent three or four weeks locked up in my flat not being able to put my foot on the floor and then lockdown happened. It has been a long road. I am looking forward to holidays and work again when lockdown is finally over".


Adam Sullivan's Instagram - @sullivansound

New Arcades Instagram - @newarcades

Shanice Benstead - @skyeebethany


"I am cosmetic practitioner and I own my company called Lips of London Aesthetics (@lipsoflondonasethetics). Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the business is shut for the foreseeable future.

Lockdown has made me feel extremely lonely, worried and scared financially. Feeling isolated is not a nice feeling. Yet positives from lockdown is that I have learnt more Spanish and it has giving me the chance to do things I wouldn't normally have time to do for example house work, paper work and painting".

Shanice at work with @lipsoflondonasethetics - @skyeebethany

"Lockdown hasn't been enjoyable and I do miss my friends, family and work, but it has giving me the opportunity to have a break which is extremely rare for me as I am always working and on the go.

The one thing I am mainly looking forward to after lockdown is going on holidays, seeing friends and going to events".


Shanice Benstead's Instagram - @skyeebethany

Lips of London Aesthetics - @lipsoflondonasthetics

Aaron Bartlett - @clarity.shots / @aaronbartlett16

@clarity.shots / @aaronbartlett16

"COVID-19 has made me a lot more conscious of my hygiene around the house as well as outside. If I am going out anywhere I carry hand sanitiser with me. As soon as I get inside the house I wash my hands. I have been cleaning around the house a lot more. I'm not too sure if that is because I am stuck in a house or if its because of Coronavirus or just pure boredom.

Because of COVID-19 I came back home from Birmingham as I was in my final year at university. Which I have now finished, but finished at home".

@clarity.shots / @aaronbartlett16

"My social life isn't much of a thing due to lockdown. Not being able to see friends isn't great, not being able to travel into Central London. But due to lockdown my photography is improving. I am learning new skills, trying new things. I took a picture of a coffee which I loved. It has increased creativity".


"I am looking forward to a night out in London after lockdown. I am also looking forward to being able to go into a supermarket without queuing outside. Be nice to see my friends and being around people. I am looking forward to getting back to normal life".

Aaron Bartlett's Photography Instagram - @clarity.shots

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