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London Beautiful LOCKDOWN: Part 2

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Welcome back to our 4 part mini series about Londoners in Lockdown. @londonbeautifullife is back with part 2 of our mini series so check out what our brand new 5 Londoners have to say about their lockdown.

The empty streets of Carnaby, London.

Nina Amelio - @nina_amelio


"The COVID-19 has affected me greatly. I’m working from home. I don’t have that person to person contact with clients. I work in the beauty industry as well as a singer and songwriter. I’m an extrovert so it has been difficult.

As I said I’m an extrovert so it’s greatly affected my social life. I’m here on a two year visa and only have 6months left. It has put some last hurrah trips with friends on hold. Thank you zoom 🤷🏻‍♀️ trying to see the positive".


"I don’t know about a new skill I have learned in isolation but I have done a lot of soul searching and laying out some goals I want to accomplish. Drum roll please, I released a new three song EP called Im Not Ok along with a music video. The entire project was done in London. Recorded in Wembley, photos in SoHo and video shot in Notting Hill. The first single is called Im Not Ok. It’s just about admitting your not okay or ok (lol) all the time. Telling a friend, loved one or partner how you’re treating me is not okay. You don’t always have to be strong but you should always be honest with yourself. Hoping this song will help and inspire people during this unusual time.

I choose that particular spelling because it’s well not ok! Ok I’ll stop.

When lockdown is lifted. I’m most excited to spend time with friends, re-book those trips I put on hold and apply for my Italian passport".

Nina Amelio - Im Not Ok

Im Not Ok is available to download on all streaming services.

Clare McCay - @claremccay_


"I work as a consumer insight analyst, which basically means I do a lot of data analysts. I do enjoy my job and due to lockdown I have been working from home and chatting to my colleagues a lot and having as much jokes as usual.

COVID-19 has affected my social life, I have absolutely no social life now, but I am actually enjoying that. Having a nice slower pace of life. I do the occasional House Party app to use up the extra time I am given. Because I no longer have to commute, I have learnt a lot of new skills. I did the gardening the other day. I raked the lawn, did some mowing and some strimming. I was so proud of myself. I have also been cooking dinners rather than picking up food on the go and eating a lot healthier. So I think it has changed my life for the better really".


"I am really, really excited to go to the pub when lockdown ends, pub lunch and getting a good fish and chips at lunch, after work pub drinks and obviously we all need is a good dance when lockdown ends. I will be at Be At One in Soho, probably every night for at least a few weeks.

I am extremely excited to see my sisters Laura and Sarah and their babies".

Nicholas Cruz - @nicocruzin


"I work in digital effects in London. COVID-19 and lockdown has definitely affected working life, but as people we have adapted really well. They say necessity is the mother of conventions. Visual effects is now working from home for the first time ever for mainstream high profile movies and television. I think it's great and it works as it is all set up and up and running".

Work from home set up - @nicocruzin

"TV and films are now officially being made from home. So expect a lot of great content coming out soon".

Olivia Clarke Browne - @oliviaclarkebx


"I am a casting assistant producer, I have been lucky to have work during the lockdown period. COVID-19 has affected me mentally and day to day life. My mum hardly ever goes out. We will go out for essentials but luckily we haven't had anyone in our family that has been affected by coronavirus that we know of.

It has affected us as a family, my brother had his wedding plans in June, but due to government advice, my brother and his fiancé have had to postpone the wedding which ultimately meant we had to cancel the hen do and stag do. Which has caused stress. My best friend she is heavily pregnant, her baby shower was also postponed, which was really sad. But I am trying to be positive, our future selves are going to thank us for it. My nan is at high risk, so everyone is on edge and I am so anxious due to it. It has taken a toll on my mental state. It is eating into my work life where I am anxious working from home as you aren't around people to know if you are doing well or not".


"Socially it is awful I can't see my best friend or family. My friends who I work with I can't see them. I have got to speak to my neighbours more over the fence though. New skills I have discovered is trying to be more positive. Nature feels more better due to lockdown, which makes me happy to hear.

I have learnt to be more friendly to people if that is smiling to people whilst on the daily exercise or saying hello via a text. I am so excited to see my brother and family and best friend as soon as lockdown is over. I love my family, friends and it has made me appreciate life more".

Mani Mandagi - @mkshasha


"In terms of my life being affected by COVID-19 it has been surreal, but I know I am not the only one. I am thankful I am well, I have a roof over my head and have food in my fridge. When COVID-19 was at it's peak, I was very unwell at one point I did think I had the virus, but I recovered. But it meant I had a lot of time of work.

My social life has been affected, this year was a milestone birthday for me. I turned 30 in March and I had to postpone everything, the likelihood of me celebrating my 30th birthday will have to be after lockdown. Which could be in July now. But there are bigger problems in the world, but personally I was a bit upset. So happy we have social media to connect with one and another though regarding social distancing. I hope people aren't feeling lonely as it's a huge time to feel anxious".


"In terms of work unfortunately we have not been given the option to work from home. I work in recruitment and marketing and the whole concept of doing video interviews with candidates we were going to bring it in but the virus happened. So it is one big holiday as we can't work from home. One skill I have started is virtual work outs and exercises. I have time now to enjoy breakfast and coffees in the morning. I have time to read more, I have been writing and watching new telvision series.


"In terms of my sleeping pattern and this probably goes for the same with a lot of people, I am sleeping earlier and waking up earlier. I have ended up having more laundry when I am in PJs most of the day. I am excited to get into a routine again and meeting people again.

I don't want people on the frontline to be in this much stress so would love it to go back to normal more for them than myself. One good thing about lockdown is that mother-nature seems to be healing and is having a time to recover".

London Beautiful Life Social Media

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